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We envision a world where women through wisdom Aspire, Excel, Inspire, Outreach, and Unite in the collective efforts of all women to reach their fullest potential.

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“Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered” started as a gripping and stimulating theme that was used at a conference for women. When that conference was over, it didn’t seem right to let it end there! Such a powerful statement was meant to be shared and used as a base upon which more should come. Thus, W.I.S.E. was developed to continue making a positive impact, and sharing valuable information, reliable resources, and encouraging good deeds among women across the globe.


Establish a support network of quality service providers and organizations, promoting the personal growth, self-development, and achievement of women; and the advancement of causes inherently valuable to women. We aim to encourage and engage women in creating a positive impact on the larger community and, ultimately, the entire human family. We are "Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered", pursuing pathways to optimal living.


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Cultivating Gratitude in a Season of Thanksgiving

In cultivating an attitude of gratitude, we will reap the benefits of settling into this way of thinking and feeling. Having a mindset of gratefulness allows us to be thankful everyday for what life brings our way. Gratefulness is accompanied by behavior that is demonstrated through expressions of appreciation beyond simply saying “thank you”. By taking the time to acknowledge the contributions and efforts others we show that others are not forgotten and that they are appreciated.

By giving back or helping out through service we show that we appreciate our own abundant blessings. There are countless ways in which we can show our gratitude. As we enter into a season were many people may experience a more conscious awareness of being thankful, let’s fully appreciate the joy of being grateful. The content that follows features several ways you can start cultivating gratitude.

Gratitude for Service
8 Ways to Express Appreciation on Veterans Day as posted on, offers a list of meaningful ways of honoring our country’s service men and woman this year. Remember, Veteran’s Day is Saturday, November 11. Be sure to thank a Veteran!

Gratitude in Practice
In a world where we are all increasingly busy, technology can connect us to our gratitude desires. You can get your own app and cultivate your own personal garden of gratitude. The Gratitude Garden app is designed by coach and happiness teacher, Izzy McRae. For more about Izzy, visit her website at Gratitude is linked to” high self-esteem, kindness, good health, energy and generosity”, so it’s time to enjoy the benefits. The app claims to help you be healthier!

Do you have an APPtitude for gratitude and thanks GIVING?
“There are many fundraising apps that continue to simplify the deed of giving and make the process more convenient for occasional donors on the go…” Click on the following link to read about and access: “Top 5 Donation Apps – ShareTheMeal, Charity Miles and More”.

Celebrating Gratitude with songs
It’s time to “garnish your holiday” with tunes for the thanksgiving season. Check out: Best Songs for a Thanksgiving Playlist--The ultimate soundtrack for your Turkey Day festivities posted by Leah Silverman in



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