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We envision a world where women through wisdom Aspire, Excel, Inspire, Outreach, and Unite in the collective efforts of all women to reach their fullest potential.

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“Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered” started as a gripping and stimulating theme that was used at a conference for women. When that conference was over, it didn’t seem right to let it end there! Such a powerful statement was meant to be shared and used as a base upon which more should come. Thus, W.I.S.E. was developed to continue making a positive impact, and sharing valuable information, reliable resources, and encouraging good deeds among women across the globe.


Establish a support network of quality service providers and organizations, promoting the personal growth, self-development, and achievement of women; and the advancement of causes inherently valuable to women. We aim to encourage and engage women in creating a positive impact on the larger community and, ultimately, the entire human family. We are "Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered", pursuing pathways to optimal living.


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News and Events

A Tribute to Mothers and a Celebration of her Health and Beauty

Saluting the mothers in our lives is a special acknowledgement of the sacrifices moms make for the love of their children. Even when a mother is feeling a bit under the weather, she’s going to keep going for as long as she can to fulfill her nurturing role. Mother’s Day may come around once a year but that doesn’t mean that one should only celebrate mothers at this time. There are so many ways to express love and gratefulness. If you sing, write a song; if you’re a poet, write a poem; if you’re an artist, paint a picture; if you love your mom, let her know in your own special way. Let’s celebrate the beautiful manner of a mother’s loving care!

VIDEO: “A Tribute to MOM - One Heartbeat at a Time” by Steven Curtis Chapman This is a tribute to all mothers in the world both past and present.

Click here to customize and send as an e-card via

We honor all moms who make tremendous sacrifices for their children; we celebrate a mother’s love that is full of compassion and undying commitment. Here is a story published at that will touch your heart, “I am a Prison Mother”. We’ve obtained permission to share with you the link to this poignant, yet inspiring story.

Memorable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day Searching for the perfect gift for the “mom” in your life does not need to be stressful. We’ve searched for a list of gifts that will assist you in finding that special gift that she will appreciate and enjoy. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, personalize it or customize it. Here are some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas provided at

Customize your gift for your favorite Moms! MomsRising offers an awesome way to do this in a video tribute���check it out!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s time to raise awareness about mental health. The statistics are startling:

Did you know that stress can affect your mental health? With all the challenges of life, mental health can be affected in many ways. It’s important to ensure mental health is a priority for you and your family. The National Alliance NAMI has provided a video of “10 Common Warning Signs of a Mental Health condition in Teens and Young Adults”. Here is also an invaluable list of provided courtesy of Mental Health First Aid training curriculum.

The birth of a child introduces a woman to motherhood. The joys of child birth are at once painful, yet beautiful as a new life springs forth from the mother’s womb. But sometimes, what follows the joyous birth is sometimes proceeded by hormonal fluctuations that give rise to Postpartum Disorders, a major form of depression. Be informed about the impact of this disorder on a woman’s health.



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