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We envision a world where women through wisdom Aspire, Excel, Inspire, Outreach, and Unite in the collective efforts of all women to reach their fullest potential.

Our Story

“Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered” started as a gripping and stimulating theme that was used at a conference for women. When that conference was over, it didn’t seem right to let it end there! Such a powerful statement was meant to be shared and used as a base upon which more should come. Thus, W.I.S.E. was developed to continue making a positive impact, and sharing valuable information, reliable resources, and encouraging good deeds among women across the globe.


Establish a support network of quality service providers and organizations, promoting the personal growth, self-development, and achievement of women; and the advancement of causes inherently valuable to women. We aim to encourage and engage women in creating a positive impact on the larger community and, ultimately, the entire human family. We are "Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered", pursuing pathways to optimal living.


About W.I.S.E.

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Learn more about W.I.S.E. beginnings and why you should join in and supporting our cause.

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Informative and educational articles on a variety of topics and perspectives.

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Celebrating the Advancement of Women Around the World

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News and Events

“Happy” Home for the Holidays

A happy home is a beautiful home. This is especially true during the Holiday season when family and friends come together. Nothing says “happy” like the feelings of love, joy, and peace. When love is felt in the caring spirit, when joy is found in life and laughter, and peace radiates like a bright sun on a cold, snowy day, there abides a heart-warming place to enjoy. Let the Spirit of Peace enter into your home this season and you will find rich and abundant blessings!

Can You Make Yourself Happy for the Holidays? by Jamie Masada
6 Ways to Make the Holidays Happy by
Make it a Happy Holiday in Your Home This Year with Ruby’s Studio by
Maintaining Peace & Happiness in Your Relationship During the Holidays by Allura Joy

Financial Wisdom for the Holiday Season

Save money on holiday gift giving. Here are some simple ways we’ve discovered that folks are making their holiday dollars go just a little bit further. Creating a meaningful holiday season doesn’t have to break your bank or crash your budget.

Free Gift Cards for Holiday 2014 by Leah Ingram
Holiday 2014 Gift Ideas: Homemade Gifts, Deals, Steals, and More at
Meaningful Gifts for the Holiday at
Meaningful Holiday Gifts by Ana Palles
Why nearly 1 in 10 U.S. families don’t exchange holiday gifts… By Catey Hill, Reporter
H&R Block Dollars & Sense Blog



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Connect with inspirational and spiritually empowered women


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