We envision a world where women through wisdom Aspire, Excel, Inspire, Outreach, and Unite in the collective efforts of all women to reach their fullest potential.

Our Story

“Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered” started as a gripping and stimulating theme that was used at a conference for women. When that conference was over, it didn’t seem right to let it end there! Such a powerful statement was meant to be shared and used as a base upon which more should come. Thus, W.I.S.E. was developed to continue making a positive impact, and sharing valuable information, reliable resources, and encouraging good deeds among women across the globe.


Establish a support network of quality service providers and organizations, promoting the personal growth, self-development, and achievement of women; and the advancement of causes inherently valuable to women. We aim to encourage and engage women in creating a positive impact on the larger community and, ultimately, the entire human family. We are "Women Inspired and Spiritually Empowered", pursuing pathways to optimal living.


About W.I.S.E.

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Learn more about W.I.S.E. beginnings and why you should join in and supporting our cause.

Articles of Interest

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Informative and educational articles on a variety of topics and perspectives.

Feature of the Month:

Get Fit. Be Well. Stay Grateful

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Targeted stories, articles or events that provide information or entertainment on a wide variety of subject matters.

News and Events Archives

The archives allow you accessibility to past records of our News & Events Feature of the Month section. You will find webpage links listed by month and year for easy retrieval.

January 2013 – A Healthy Start

February 2013 – LOVE Yourself FIRST

March 2013 – Happy Women's History Month

April 2013 – April (Spring into Action - Be As Grounded as Mother Earth)

May 2013 – A Tribute To Mothers - The Womb That Holds Life

June 2013 – Happy Father's Day - How Have the Men in Your Life Shaped Who You Are Today

July 2013 – Step into Spiritual Growth During The Summer

August 2013 – Reflecting on Educational Views and Trends

September 2013 – Self-Improvement: Toning Down and Tuning Up

October 2013 – Focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness

November 2013 – A Season for Gratitude

December 2013 – Managing the Financial Stresses of Holiday Spending

January 2014 – January (A New Beginning)Women's Health: Mind, Body & Soul

February 2014 – February First, Love Yourself Enough

March 2014 – March, Celebrating National Women's History Month

April 2014 – Delightful Ideas for Springtime Activities

May 2014 – Appreciating Mothers and Mother Figures and Motherhood

June 2014 – Connecting with "Dad"

July 2014 – Forgiveness is a Path to Freedom and Wholeness

August 2014 – Education and Life Skills

September 2014 – Viewpoints on Superwoman …from the Blogosphere

October 2014 – Focusing on Domestic Violence Awareness

November 2014 – A Season for Gratitude and a Time of Thanksgiving

December 2014 – “Happy” Home for the Holidays

January 2015 A Fresh Start to Financial & Physical Fitness

February 2015 – How Well Do You Love Yourself

March 2015 - Celebrate National Women’s History Month

April 2015 – Spring into action…Land on solid ground!

May 2015 – A Tribute to Mothers and a Celebration of her Health and Beauty

June 2015 – Fathers and Daughters: Ties, Tiaras and Time

July 2015 – Traveling Pathways to Spiritual Growth and Maturity

August 2015 - Education, Communication, Life Skills and Personal Choices

September 2015 - Juggling Your Career and Home Life: Find Success and Balance

October 2015 - Empowering Women’s Health-Related Decision-Making: Choices and Outcomes

November 2015 - Living in Gratitude with Thoughtful Appreciation

December 2015 - My Money and Me: Managing Holiday and Personal Spending

January 2016 - January – New Beginnings: A Healthier You

February 2016 - Nourish Relationships, Starting with “Your Self”

March 2016 - Celebrate National Women’s History Month

April 2016 - Spring Up…Spring into Life!

May 2016 - Celebrating Motherhood: From the Womb into the World

June 2016 - Daddy & Daughters: Bonding Time

July 2016 - Pursue Pathways of Benevolence – It’s a GOOD Thing

August 2016 - What’s trending in Education and Careers? Don’t be left behind…

September 2016 - Pursue Pathways of Benevolence – It’s a GOOD Thing

October 2016 - Your Life. Your Body. Your Choices.

November 2016 - Creating a More Grateful World for All Ages

December 2016 - Money Management for the Holidays and Beyond

January 2017 – Cheers to Your Health and Well-Being!

February 2017 – Love Yourself From the Inside Out…

March 2017 – National Women’s History Month: Paying Tribute to Women in the Workplace

April 2017 – Spring Clean Your Life: Declutter and Detox

May 2017 – Loving, Appreciating, Celebrating “Moms”

June 2017 – Honoring Dads: Conversations and Celebrations

July 2017 – Find Delight in Summer Fun and Embrace the Inner Freedom of Forgiveness!

August 2017 – Aligning Educational Goals with Career Choices

September 2017 – Work- Life- Balance: Tipping the Scales in Your Favor

October 2017 – Making Healthy and Smart Choices for Better Health & Well-Being

November 2017 – Cultivating Gratitude in a Season of Thanksgiving

December 2017 – The Nifty Thrifty Holiday Budgeting

January 2018 – Ring in the New Year with a Healthy, Fresh Start

February 2018 – Love Yourself…Know Your Self-Worth!

March 2018 – Celebrating Women: A Journey in Her Steps…Still Progressing!

April 2018 – Spring into Clean! Reset and Refresh

May 2018 – MOMENTOUS May: A World of Amazing MOMS

June 2018 – A Loving Tribute to Fatherhood

July 2018 – Embrace Forgiveness and Gain Freedom

August 2018 – A New Landscape on the Education and Career Horizon

September 2018 – Navigating the Fine Line of Work-Life Balance

October 2018 – Keeping Abreast of Cancer and Standing Against Domestic Violence

November 2018 – Expressions of Gratitude and Appreciation

December 2018 – Keeping Abreast of Cancer and Standing Against Domestic Violence

January 2019 – Lifestyle Tips for Healthier Beginnings

February 2019 – Getting to the HEART of What Matters in Relationships

March 2019 – Celebrating the Advancement of Women Around the World




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